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   Theme for the Year:  "Making Him Known"

The theme at Redeemer for the 2014-2015 year is Making Him Known. Our goal is to make God known through Biblical characters, who will inspire us not only to see God making Himself known in our lives, but more specifically to see the different ways God uses us to Make Him Known to others. In September, we celebrate Making Him Known through Loving Actions and we investigate how Dorcas' ongoing loving actions (Acts 9:36-43) helped to make God known. For more information, please check out our Dorcas/Tabitha Facebook page.

 This Week at Redeemer  Worship Page

   Activity schedule: (9/12/14 through 9/21/14)    Today is Thursday, September 18th, 2014

FRIDAY, September 12

Movie Night - FH - 6 pm


SATURDAY, September 13
Sisters in Christ CC - Rm 102 - 9 am
Assimilation Team - Upper Rm - 9:30 am
WORSHIP - 5:30 pm


SUNDAY, September 14
WORSHIP - 8 and 10:40 am

Blood Pressures - 9 am

Sunday School/B.C. - 9:20 am

Golf Tournament - Willow Creek - 2:30 pm
Instruments  of Praise - Narthex - 4:30 pm

IGNITE Kick-off - Youth Rm - 6 pm

GLOW - 6:30 pm

Agape CC - 6:30 pm


MONDAY, September 15

Quilters  - NFH  - 8 am

Men’s Choir—Choir Rm—6 pm

Salt Shakers CC—7 pm

JOY CC—Upper Rm—7 pm


TUESDAY, September 16

Men’s Bible Study - Rm 102 - 9 am

Ladies’ Bible Study - NFH - 9 am

Faithfully Fit - Rm L-2 - 10:30 am

Teapot Rehearsal—Chapel—11 am

Pizza Ranch Fundraiser—4 pm

Koinonia CC—Upper Rm—6:30 pm

FCCI Board Meeting—Rm L-2—6:30 pm

Couples in Christ CC—6:30 pm


WEDNESDAY, September 17

Resource Deadline
Shalom CC—Upper Rm—9 am

POBLO Sewing—Rm ____ - 10 am

Seekers CC—Rm 102—1 pm

Youth Chimes (7-12) - Sanctuary - 5:45 pm

Men’s Bible Study - Upper Rm - 6 pm

Alleluia Singers - Rm L-3 - 6 pm

Cherub Choir - Rm 101 - 6:05 pm

Confirmation - 6:10 pm

Angelic Chimes (2-6) - Sanctuary - 6:30 pm

Sounds of Praise - Choir Rm - 7 pm


THURSDAY, September 18

Faithfully Fit - NFH - 8:15 am

Faithful Followers CC—Rm 102—1 pm

Stephen Ministry #2—UR—1:30 pm


Young Families CC—6:15 pm

Stephen Ministry—Rm 102—6:30 pm

Technology Team—Rm 202—7 pm

Chancel Chimes -  Sanctuary - 7 pm

CC SEA—Upper Rm—7 pm


FRIDAY, September 19

Rummage Sale—7 am to 6 pm

Library Committee—Library—9:30 am


SATURDAY, September 20

Rummage Sale—8 am to Noon

Blood Pressures—Nurse’s Office—5 pm



SUNDAY, September 21
HOLY COMMUNION - 8 and 10:40 am

Flu Shots—Nurse’s Office—8:30-10:30 am

Blood Pressures - 9 am

Sunday School/B.C. - 9:20 am

IHN at Redeemer—5 pm

PYROS—6 pm

Partners in Christ CC—Upper Rm—6 pm


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Rochester, MN 55904-7359

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Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church,

where you'll always find a small neighborhood church atmosphere of friendship and fellowship.  Our well-maintained and accessible facilities are used by numerous community and congregational groups.  Redeemer's members are dedicated to doing the Lord's work.

Our Mission at Redeemer:

"As Christians based on the solid foundation of God’s Word, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we strive to live out, lift up, and share our faith in Jesus Christ – welcoming all into our family of believers."

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Rev James Heining Rev James Heining

Administrative Pastor

Rev Adam Koglin Rev Adam Koglin

Associate Pastor

Backpack Cali DCE, Michael Harvey

Director of Christian Education

April Beckman DPM, April Beckman

Director of Parish Music

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