Christ-Like Servant Leaders!

God calls us to lead a life that honors who we are called to be as Christians. At Redeemer we believe EVERYONE is a leader. First called to lead in their own life as they follow their Savior. Parents are called to lead their children. Workers are called to lead in the work place. All of us are joining Jesus on the mission of leading people to the saving grace of God!

Some Leadership Resources at Redeemer!

Leadership Development Team: This team works to support and strengthen the leaders of Redeemer.  Through Leadership Forums and coaching teams through the Ministry Team Focus Tool, Redeemer is building a culture of strong and supported leaders!

Ministry Teams: The work of Redeemer is planned and organized through the joyful work of Ministry Teams and special groups.  There are many Ministry Teams and Groups for people to bring their gifts and talents to!  Connect with a staff member or council member to learn more!

Permission Giving Culture: Here at Redeemer we seek to follow Christ and encourage the gifts He has given His church.  When a person is passionate about starting a new ministry or growing a current ministry, Redeemer leadership can help find a way!