Health Cabinet

Blood Pressures

Every Sunday from 9:00 to 9:30 am and 10:20 to 10:40 am in the Parish Nurses’ office, located next to the church office in the education hallway.

Mission Statement

Redeemer’s Health Cabinet, in partnership with the parish nurse, is formed to help implement this ministry to make health and wellness a part of Redeemer Lutheran Church’s Christian life and growth. People with competence and/or interest in health care areas are included on the cabinet.
Parish Nursing Ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church is not a substitute for pastoral care, Stephen Ministry, medical care, community health nursing and social agencies. The focus of this ministry is on prevention and health promotion rather than hands-on physical care. This ministry does not provide physical care, administer medications, draw blood or do other invasive procedures.

Health Cabinet Members

Jan Dicke, RN
Kathy Zarling, RN
Sara Bonnes, MD
Lowell Dale, MD
Dawn Radtke, RN
Jeff Lee
Roger Toomey
Barbara Wallskog
Kristy Klatt – Council Rep

Parish Nurses

The purpose of Parish Nursing Ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church   is to encourage health, healing and the caring aspects of the church community.
The Parish Nurse works to reflect God’s love so that our community may receive:

• Spiritual support as they face health problems and challenges
• Education and opportunities to pursue a holistic lifestyle as God intended in creation
• Identify community resources to help in their illness and life changes.

Parish nurses work under the direction of the Health Cabinet

All information shared with Parish Nurses is held in confidentiality. Some information is shared with the pastors.

Jan Dicke

Parish Nurse

Kathy Zarling

Parish Nurse

Health Notes

Monthly articles for living a healthy lifestyle


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Health Forums

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