Small Groups

What are Small Groups?

Here at Redeemer, we want to help people find the joy that a small group can bring! Small groups may be a handful of people or a few dozen, either way, it allows you to have a group that knows you a bit better and helps everyone feel the care of Christ!

Small groups meet around God’s Word, take time to pray and worship, find ways to serve others and of course take time to fellowship (a churchy word for: have fun together)

We want you to find a small group that works for you! Please    Complete the Survey, or connect with Michael Harvey.   

Small Groups at Redeemer

Some groups are ready to welcome new members. Contact the church office for more information.


Leader: Paula Muth

Meet: 3rd Sunday of the Month at 6:30

Type of meeting: Zoom

Shalom Seekers

Leader: Bobbi Lewallen

Meet: 3rd Wednesday at 2:00pm

Type of meeting: In Person

Faithful Followers

Leader: Dee Christenson

Meet: 1st Thursday at 1:00pm

Type of Meeting: In Person


Leaders: Kay and Dan Kluge

Meet: 3rd Thursday of the month at 10:00am

Type of meeting: In Person

Joy (Jesus, Others, Yourself)

Leaders: Rich and Molly Gommels

Meet: 3rd Monday at 7:00pm

Type of meeting: In Person

Couples in Christ

Leaders: Mandie and Kelly Anderson

Meet: 4th Tuesday at 6:00pm

Type of meeting: Zoom



Leader: Paul Rengstorf

Meet: 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm

Type of meeting: In Person


Leader: Dawn Shelstad

Meet: 2nd and 4th Mondays at 5:30pm

Type of meeting: In Person


Scott Okuno

2nd Sundayat 6:30pm

In Person


Proverbial Women

Megan Grudem

1st Monday at 7:00pm

In Person

New Beginnings

Paul Lewis

1st Saturday at 10:00am

In Person

His Grace

Kay and Dan Kluge

3rd Monday at 5:30pm

In Person

Tuesday AM

Virginia Miller

Every Tuesday at 7:30 am


Easter People

Paula Muth

Every Thursday at 7:15 pm


Scott Okuno

Scott Okuno

Every Tuesday at 6:00pm


Tuesday Morning Women's Study


Every Tuesday at 9:00am

In Person

Tuesday Morning Men's Study


Every Tuesday at 9:00am

In Person