I am Jan Dicke, a Parish Nurse here at Redeemer! I grew up on a dairy farm 2 miles west of Zumbro Falls and graduated from Lake City, MN.  My 3 sisters and I were baptised, confirmed, and married in the Zumbro Falls Methodist church.  Our family was active in the small church and the community.  My busy childhood has influenced my life.
I have worked in general floor nursing, geriatric nursing, obstetrics and emergency room nursing.  My favorite position was teaching LPN nursing students for 27 years.  I taught a course on geriatric nursing, and in that course, parish nursing was mentioned as a way to help parishioners in the church.  After I retired from RCTC, I took the Parish Nurse 1 credit course from Morehead College, which was held at Assisi Heights in 2003, the same year I started here at Redeemer!  My favorite part of my role is communicating and talking to our members wherever they might be–in church, their home or facility.
Glenn and I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.
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