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Sunday Morning Educational Opportunities

SUNDAY MORNINGS, 9:20 am - 10:20 am

Sunday December 8: "Giants of Singing the Faith" Guest Speaker, Rev. Richard C. Resch, Sanctuary-9:20 am
Giants of Singing the Faith: Luther, Gerhardt, Bach: A study of singing that starts with David’s model and the foundational principles given in the Old Testament moving through history to show how God has continued to bless His church with truly extraordinary talent and leadership in this important area of the church’s singing of the faith. Presented by Rev. Richard C. Resch, Professor and Kantor Emeritus of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Generosity of God
We often think of Stewardship in our lives in terms of how we give to God and others from our time, talent, or treasure, and rightfully so. What happens when we back up and think about stewardship in terms of who God is, who He has created and redeemed us to be, and how He has called us to look at everything in life? In other words, what if Stewardship were based on the generosity and grace of God? Come to talk about what it means and looks like to engage in generous living that is based in good news from God. This will open up so much more as to how we think of Stewardship and use our lives to glorify God. Facilitated by Pastor Loos.

“Seven Who Served”
This class will continue the theme of looking at lesser known heroes of the early church. In Acts 6 the twelve disciples chose seven men to assist them in their ministry. We will consider Stephen, Philip, and the other five "deacons" with application to today. This study will be led by Jim Heining.

Ezra - Power of Change
How do you move from nothing to something? How do you stand up for your faith in a land that is hostile? The book of Ezra is an Old Testament call for the people to refocus their eyes on God. It teaches lessons that we can grow from today! Michael Harvey looks forward to Growing in Christ with you through the study of Ezra. Led by Michael Harvey.

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