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Sunday Morning Educational Opportunities

Beginning Sunday, January 5, 9:20 am

Eyes On Jesus: Christ In The Old Testament
Martin Luther said that Jesus is the key to the Old Testament, but have you ever thought that the Old Testament is the Key to Jesus? Ever wonder what Jesus said to the disciples on the road to Emmaus when He opened up the Old Testament and how it all leads to Him? Ever noƟce that Paul never quotes Jesus but directly quotes the Old Testament again and again! What is the purpose of the Old Testament for the New Testament Church? Let's put our Eyes on Jesus by only looking at the OT! Facilitated by Pastor Koglin

Theology of Life
The focus of this study will be broad as we zoom out and celebrate the gift of life that God gives. We will take a journey through many Scriptures to see what God has to say about the life that He has given and wants us to live in Him. We will talk about creaƟon, the effects of sin, and we will talk about the blessings and significance of Jesus’ incarnaƟon and redempƟon and how these all relate to many different “life issues”. This class is led by Pastor Loos.

For I Know the Plans…
Ever heard this most quotable passage from Jeremiah 29:11? To some it brings comfort, to others… immense frustraƟon. This class is about the elusive Will of God. What is that Will of God? What are His plans for me? How can I know what His Will is? Come and parƟcipate in a class that delves into our interacƟon with a God who loves us, yet let us experience the heartache of a fallen and broken world. Facilitated by Josh Heirigs, DCE.

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