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2018-2019 Council Contacts

While we have over 100 ministry teams/tasks, we have a fairly small Church Council which meets the second Tuesday of each month. Their goal is to coordinate the work of these many groups and to do long range visionary planning. Liaisons to the various ministry teams include:

Name, Minstry Emphasis Telephone Email
1 Bill Cochran, President(c) 507-288-4133
2 Grant Wilson, President-Elect(c) 507-285-0615
3 Rhonda Kanne, Secretary(c) 763-498-3245
4 Eric Brown, Treasurer(c) 515-339-9273
5 Darin Grewe, Board of Elders(c) 507-271-2251
6 Dan Zeccardi, Board of Trustees(c) 507-951-6799
7 Connie Scheid, Board of Education(c) 507-398-7924
8 Kay Kluge, Member at Large(c) 507-206-7656
9 Megan Grudem, Member at Large(c) 303-324-4681
10 Molly Gommels, Member at Large(c) 507-319-0323  507-319-0323,
11 Jay Kurtz, Member at Large(c) 507-250-1464

Contact the appropriate person for further information or to share ideas--or contact this year's council president Bill Cochran.