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Celebrating 10 Years of ChristCare

March 16, 2001 marked the day the ChristCare ministry certificate was issued to Redeemer Lutheran Church, and to commemorate the past 10 years, a Taste of ChristCare celebration was held on Sunday, March 20th.

A short program on the history was given. Members and leaders submitted pictures of their groups and activities, and Paul Collopy composed a video.

Click on the arrow to view the video, or watch via this Link.

The celebration also shared abbreviated versions of the four parts of the ChristCare ministry: worship and praise, community building, Biblical Equipping, and missional service.

The ChristCare ministry started as a vision in 2001 with this verse from Isaiah 55:11: The LORD said this, "So is my word that goes from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Since 2001, the ministry has grown to nearly 200 members and 16 groups.

The ChristCare Team at Redeemer

Here is a brief timeline of the equipper and leader commissionings:

  • Joan McCormick, Pastor Heining, and Paul Collopy go to St. Louis for equipper training in the spring of 2001 and take the week-long training session.. As they drove back from St. Louis, they use the pictorial directory as a starting point for identifying possible leaders.
  • A pilot program was held in the summer of 2001. Dee Christenson, Dick Rengstorf, Lois Leuth, Kim Jensen, and Ruth Tibesar participate.
  • The commissioning for the first group of trainees was in Feb 2002: Sue Tollers, Dee Christenson (Faithful Followers), Dick Rengstorf (Shalom), Doug/Ele Jerde (Jerde group), Paula Muth (Spirit Seekers), and Ginger Lagergren (Joy 'n Caring).
  • Sue Tollers and Paula Muth go to St. Louis for equippers training in April 2002.
  • The commissioning for the second group of trainees was in Nov 2002: Bob Keith, Erin/Mike Harvey, Ken & Ione Stoltenberg (Circles of Friends), Ted Saxman (Men's Bible Study).
  • The commissioning for the third group — of trainees was in Nov 2003: Randy/Linda Wendt (Friends in Christ), Joann Karges (Sisters in Christ), Michelle Noffze (with Erin Mothers in Christ), Don/Iva Kietzmann (Sandwich Generation).
  • The commissioning for the fourth group of trainees was in Aug 2005: Lonnie Strohschein (Parents with Children/Parents with Children with Special Needs), Elaine Gittus (Seekers of the Mountain Top), Lorraine Fahrman (Partners in Christ).
  • The commissioning for the fifth group of trainees was in Aug 2007: Mark/Joan Gennrich (Koinonia) and Lowell/Jan Dale (Salt Shakers).
  • The commissioning for the sixth group of trainees was in Aug 2008: Kara Brolsma, Dean Jensen (Friends in Faith), Mick/Diana Reese (Families in Christ), Paul Rengstorf (Malachi), Jill/Eric Hauan (Young Couples), Lori Reinstrom from Trinity.
  • Bonnie and Paul Haugen go to St. Louis for equippers training in April 2009.
  • The commissioning for the seventh group of trainees was May 2010: Darla Karstens (Emmanuel) and Liz Hutton (Women of the Word (WOW))
  • The commissioning for the eighth group of trainees will be in June 2011: Rosie/Harlan Petersen, Lori Lewis, and Mary Frances Burton.

Some fun statistics:

  • Current number of groups: 16
  • Number of groups that have closed in the last 10 years: 6 (does not include the Shalom group that closed and re-opened)
  • Membership count: 189
  • Daytime groups: 4
  • Evening groups: 12
  • Groups meet on every day of the week; most popular day is Tues: 4 groups; Mon and Wed have 3 each.
  • 13 groups meet once a month
  • 3 groups meet twice a month
  • 42 people have taken the CC group leadership training
  • 7 people have taken the Equipper training held in St. Louis
  • 5 groups have husband/wife co-leading

The celebration concluded with this prayer:
    ChristCare to hear
    ChristCare no fear
    ChristCare to heal
    ChristCare never veers
    ChristCare so near
    ChristCare so dear
    ChristCare for 10 years